Grants Pass

May 21, 2017  10am-6pm


Come to the Josephine County Fairgrounds in Grants Pass, Oregon to experience a Sustainable Preparedness EXPO.  We will be covering three buildings at the fairgrounds with multiple seminars, hands-on classes and high-quality vendors with products and services for the preparedness lifestyle.  Learn all you need to know to be prepared for any emergency (personal, local or national).












Hands-on Classes:

1:00 – 2:45                David Pruett, MD          “Emergency Suturing Techniques”

(Register here through the AMP-3 website: deadline May 12)


3:00 – 4:30                Howard Shayne, DDS   “Emergency Dental Techniques”

(These classes are provided by the instructors for an extra fee – in addition to your admission fee.  Sign-up links will be added as they become available.)



11:00                 “Breadmaking 101”  by   Liesel Coy of Truly Whole Breadmaking



“Management of Emergency Dental Situations”    Howard Shayne, DDS

David Pruett, MD of AMP-3

“Dinner in a Jar”  Janiene Rise of Rise N Thrive

Lucinda Bailey of Texas Ready

“Disaster Preparedness”  Greg Vause of EMMT-911

“Wood Gasifiers”  Steven Honkus of Off Grid 48°

Walt Cross of The Mustard Seed

“What You Need to Know Before Looking For Country Property”   John Brownlee of Buying OffGrid

“Long Term Fuel Storage”   John Brownlee of Buying OffGrid



AMP-3 – Medical Emergency kits, HAM radios

AZ Hybrid Light -Solar Powered flashlights that charge mobile devices

Buying OffGrid – PRI Fuel Preservatives: PRI-g & PRI-D, Preparedness & Medical DVDs, 12 DVD Course on Buying Country Property

Community Education – Emergency preparedness education

Cutco Cutlery – Cutlery, culinary tools, cookware, flatware, sporting knives, scissors, BBQ and garden tools

DoTerra Essential Oils – Natural remedies with essential oils

Food Storage Guys -Berkey Water filter systems, Silver Nugget grain mill, Freeze dried food items, Portable Stoves and pots, Water storage containers, 5 gal buckets, mylar bags

Gruner’s Sales -books, medical gear and kits, gold and silver, ammo cans and other watertight storage, knives, fire starters and other outdoor items

Gunderson Homestead LLC -Handcrafted Drying Racks, Hand Wringers, Plunger Washers, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Bakeware, Lanterns, Books/DVDs, Canning Supplies, Butter Churns

Off Grid 48° – Wood Gasifier Systems

Off Grid Boot Camp – Training for Off-grid living

Pak-Lite Gear – Pak-light 9v flashlights and accessories

Rise N Thrive -THRIVE Life Freeze Dried Food

Ruselers Custom Creations – Tool & knife sharpeners, knives, small accessory bags

SilverFire Stoves – Rocket Stoves, TLUD Stoves, Cookware, Solar Cookers, Solar Lanterns, Water treatment, Biomass Pizza Oven, Biomass Grill

Sustainable Preparedness, LLC – Books & DVDs for the preparedness lifestyle

Texas Ready – Heirloom seed banks

The Mustard Seed – Books and Health Aids

Truly Whole Breadmaking – Grain mills: Nutrimill and wonder mill jr (hand mill), instant read thermometers, bread pans (non stick loaf pans and Dutch ovens for artisan loaves), bread books, Desem bread starter; free pamphlets on: bread making, grain grinding, and whole grain related topics

Young Living Essential Oils – Preparedness with essential oils, premium starter kits


Door Prizes:

Range Medic kit – AMP-3

Journey 160C model $34.95 value – AZ Hybrid Light

Surgical Instrument set $50 value – Gruner’s Sales

Pak-Lite Super (White LED Flashlight) $19.99 value – PakLite Gear

THRIVE Life Snackies $6.50 value – Rise N Thrive

Sharp-N-Spark Long Handle sharpener $20 value – Ruseler’s Custom Creations

Solar Lantern $25 value – SilverFire

Mora Knife $50 value – Stockpile Survival Shop

Mittleider Course and Nutrients $45 value – Texas Ready

1 oz AlliMed – The Mustard Seed

5ml essential oil – Young Living


* Details of additional seminar presenters, hands-on classes, vendors and door prizes will be added as they become available.  Schedule and content subject to change.


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