Sustainable Preparedness Expo Philosophy:  “The Practice of Perpetual Preparedness”


The Sustainable Preparedness Expo was founded by Nick and Lisa Meissner in 2011 when they held the first event at the Spokane County Fairgrounds with an approximate attendance of 700 people.  It expanded during 2012-2014 in locations such as Spokane, Seattle, Portland and Chattanooga with attendances of up to 1800 people.  Nick and Lisa have since handed the Expos over to Loren and Jennifer Munson who have assisted them since 2012.

Purpose: Educating and Equipping
– educate people in how to become less dependent on public systems and services, and be prepared for prolonged emergency situations
– provide hands-on training in practical skills for a self-sufficient lifestyle
– make available a variety of vendors who provide specialized products and services that are useful in preparation and the lifestyle we promote
The three key components of sustained preparation are:
1) independent water source
– able to get clean water without depending on public utilities
2) independent food supply
– adequate food through growing, preserving and long-term storage
– not dependent on grocery stores
3) independent source of heat for your shelter
– generally wood heat, with your own supply of wood off your land
– best option is a wood cook stove
– not dependent on electric or petroleum based heating systems
There are a variety of emergency situations that we encourage people to prepare for, including:
– natural disasters – There have been measurable increases in natural disasters including destructive earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, wind storms, wildland fire, flooding, etc.  We don’t believe in the victim mentality often seen where people sit there helplessly waiting for the “Government” to save them after a disaster.
– failure/long-term outage of the power grid – Experts have admitted that most of the power grid in the United States is on the brink of catastrophic failure, which would result in a chain reaction of mass outages.  This would then result in most of the infrastructure of our country grinding to a halt.  For example, the grocery stores primarily are stocked on a daily basis from food sources far away, and most stores would be empty within 2-3 days once the trucks stop running.  Also, if this occurs during the winter very few people will have a source of heat that is not dependent on power.  In addition, many municipal water systems and most private wells require electricity to provide water. Besides simple “failure”, the power grid can also go down as a result of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or terrorist attack.
– terrorist attack – weapons of mass destruction, biological agents, other attacks leading to chaos and martial law.

We would consider our efforts a success if, the next time there is an emergency situation, our attendees are better prepared and are able to be part of the solution by helping themselves and others, rather than be part of the problem and expecting someone else to take care of them.

Above all the practical preparations, spiritual preparation is the most important.  Reliance on God ultimately for His provision and protection, and submission and obedience to Him are the pillars of true preparation for unstable times.


Blessings to you,

Loren & Jennifer Munson and family


We are a family of five who enjoy living “off the grid” on a mountain in North Idaho, surrounded by God’s creation in a peaceful, quiet setting.

Our transition from suburbia to the wilderness took over six years, with many challenges along the way; but we are glad we persisted.

Our goal is to help others obtain the knowledge and tools/resources they need to live independently, and be a part of the solution when disasters strike.

We want to continue the legacy of the Sustainable Preparedness Expo founders, Nick and Lisa Meissner, by “inspiring you to reclaim your noble independence in this unstable world.”

May your time at the Expo empower and equip you for the journey!