The Sustainable Preparedness Expo is coming in the fall!

Don’t miss THE preparedness expo: October 1, 2017

Whether your interest is in preparedness, homesteading, or sustainable living, you will find a wealth of information here. Come learn valuable skills at many excellent training sessions, connect with preparedness-minded attendees, obtain hard to find equipment, supplies and advice you need from a wide variety of vendors present at their booths. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss! Our venue will be the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, with its convenient location and ample free & easy parking.


Spokane Valley Fair & Expo Center
404 N. Havana St
Spokane Valley, WA 99202





Sunday, October 1, 2017

Doors open at 10 am and close at 6 pm

General Admission $12, under 12 years old is free!




Hands-on Classes:

1:00 – 2:45                David Pruett, MD          “Emergency Suturing Techniques”

3:00 – 4:30                Howard Shayne, DDS   “Emergency Dental Techniques”

(These classes are provided by the instructors for an extra fee – in addition to your admission fee.  Sign-up links will be added as they become available.)



“Management of Emergency Dental Situations”   Howard Shayne, DDS

David Pruett, MD of AMP-3

“Dinner in a Jar”   Janiene Rise of Rise N Thrive

“Diaster Preparedness”   Greg Vause of EMMT911

Nick Meissner of Sustainable Preparedness, LLC/Off Grid Boot Camp

Lisa Meissner of DoTerra Essential Oils

Lorene Wright of Charcoal It!

Gerry Ashby of Endurable Energy

Walt Cross of The Mustard Seed & Firehouse Stoves




AMP-3 – Medical Emergency kits, HAM radios

Apocalypse Medical Training & Readiness – Medical training equipment and classes

AZ Hybrid Light – Solar Powered flashlights that charge mobile devices

Bath Fitter – Custom Bathtub/Shower Remodeling products

Charcoal It! – Powdered charcoal, Charcoal books, Natural remedy books, Charcoal soap, Charcoal granules for odor elilmination

DoTerra Essential Oils – Natural remedies with essential oils

Endurable Energy – Solar electric, solar thermal, and energy audits

Gunderson Homestead LLC -Handcrafted Drying Racks, Hand Wringers, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Bakeware, Lanterns, Books/DVDs, Canning Supplies, Butter Churns

Off Grid 48• – Wood Gasifiers

Off Grid Boot Camp – Training for Off-grid living

Pak-Lite Gear – Pak-light 9v flashlights and accessories

Renewal by Andersen – Residential window replacement

Rescue Tape NW – Rescue Tape

Rise N Thrive – THRIVE freeze dried foods

Ruselers Custom Creations – Tool & knife sharpeners, knives, small accessory bags

SilverFire Stoves – Rocket Stoves, TLUD Stoves, Cookware, Solar Cookers, Solar Lanterns, Water treatment, Biomass Pizza Oven, Biomass Grill

Spice Things Up – Dried spices used to make salsa, chili mix and meat rubs

Stockpile Survival Shop – Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, Mountain House , Life straw products, Mora Knives , items for bug out bags

Sustainable Preparedness, LLC – Books & DVDs for the preparedness lifestyle

The King’s Oils – Essential Oils

The Mustard Seed – Books, Health Aids

Young Living – Essential Oils, Premium starter kits


Door Prizes:

Amp-3 Range Medic $215 value – AMP-3

Journey 160C model $34.95 value – AZ Hybrid Light

Charcoal qt. and charcoal book – Charcoal It!

ONE Single OWL Open Window for Life safety Glass window breaker card device $12.95 value – OWL Safety Innovations

Pak-Lite Super (White LED Flashlight) $19.99 – PakLite Gear

3 pack Rescue Tape $25 value – Rescue Tape NW

THRIVE Life Snackies $6.50 each – Rise N Thrive

Sharp-N-Spark $20 Long Handle sharpener – Ruseler’s Custom Creations

Solar Lantern $25 value – SilverFire

Mora knife $50 value – Stockpile Survival Shop

100% wool dryer balls along with essential oil bottle – The King’s Oils

1 oz. Allimed $20 value – The Mustard Seed

5 ml essential oil – Young Living


Details of additional seminar presenters, hands-on classes, vendors and door prizes will be added as they become available.


*Schedules and speakers are subject to change. We will keep it as updated as possible!



Here’s what we had in 2016 …



11:30 “Preparing a Bug Out Bag  & Handling Medical and Dental Emergencies”

Ranger Rick

1:30 “Intro to Wound Management & Suturing Technique”   David Pruett, MD – AMP-3

Fee for supplies charged by AMP-3; pre-registration is required.  This class fills up fast!
NOTE: This fee is in addition to your admission to the Expo



Seminar Area A (Conference Room)

10:30 “Disaster Preparedness”     Greg Vause – EMMT911.com

11:30 “WMDs”     Greg Vause – EMMT911.com

12:30 “What You Need to Know Before Looking at Country Property”   John Brownlee – Buying Off Grid.com

1:30 “You Can Survive – Imminent Spiritual and Political Decisions”    Jere Franklin – You Can Survive.org

2:30 “Cyber Security”     Arlen Fletcher of Gonzaga University

3:30 “You Can Survive – Overcoming Obstacles in Country Living”    Jere Franklin – You Can Survive.org

4:30 “Dinner in a Jar”    Janiene Rise – RiseNThrive.com


Seminar Area B (Back Left Corner)

10:30 “EMP Preparedness”    Eric Anderson – Anderson Technical Solutions

11:30 “Soap Making”    Dawn Trammell & Penny Bange

12:30 “Wilderness Survival”    Glen Trayer – Trayer Wilderness

1:30 “Living It, Loving It, Making a Living”   Tammy Trayer – Trayer Wilderness

2:30 “Permaculture for Preparedness”        Sean Mitzel – The Prepared Homestead

3:30 “How to Avoid and Survive Communicable Diseases and Epidemics”      Rob McClintock – Super Herbals

4:30 “Why the Collapse is Upon Us and What You Need to Do Now”    Charles Fockaert (economist) – Rocky Mountain Rocket Stoves


Seminar Area C (Back Right Corner)

10:30 “Intro to HAM Radio”    David Pruett, MD – AMP-3

11:30 “Emergency Communications in the Digital Age”     Tim Fry

12:30 “Straw Bale Gardening”  Bruce Moriarty

1:30 “The Year-round Home Grocery”    Nancy Meissner – Sustainable Preparedness

2:30 “Quick-Start Home Business Models For Homesteaders“      Dave Westbrook- Country Living University

3:30 “Market Gardening”      Christopher Herndon – Larch Valley Farms

4:30 “Long Term Fuel Storage”    John Brownlee – Buying Off Grid


Seminar Area D  (Front Right Corner)

10:30  “Learning about U.S. Energy and DIY Home Energy Audits” Gerry Ashby – Endurable Energy

11:30 “Advance Basics of Solar Energy and Federal and State Incentives”    Gerry Ashby – Endurable Energy

12:30 “Old Mountain Remedies”   Walt Cross – The Mustard Seed

1:30     “Beekeeping”   Ari Alvarez – Beemaniacs

2:30 “Home Remedies”    Lorene Wright – Plan Ahead for Health

3:30 “Home and Wildland Fire Safety”    Walt Cross – Fire House Stoves

4:30 “The MOST Vital Decision You Can Make When Preparing!” Craig Meissner – Sustainable Preparedness


Amp-3 – Emergency Medical Supplies
AZ Hybrid Light – Solar Flashlights and Device Chargers
Backwoods Home Magazine – DVDs, Books, Backwoods Home Magazine
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – Heirloom seeds from around the world
BeeManiacs – Bee keeping equipment
Bierwagen Construction – Solar equipment, Thermal cookers
Bug-N-Out: A Prepper’s Paradise – First Aid Kits, Bug Out Kits, Water Filters, etc
Buying Off Grid – DVDs: Buying Off Grid Property, Preparedness, Health; Fuel Preservation
Clearwater Properties – Off grid and retreat properties
Core Survival, LLC – Perimeter Alarm Systems
EMMT911 – Emergency Management Mitigation Team
Endurable Energy Systems – Solar System Design
Grunberg Schloss, Inc. – Coins, Bullion, Food Storage Supplies
Gruner’s Sales – Books, Paracord, Outdoor and Survival Supplies
Handy Sharp/Ruseler’s Custom Creations – Tool and Knife sharpeners, Firestarters, Knives
Homestead Hygiene -Sustainable Hygiene Items
Homestead-Store – Handcrafted Drying Racks, Homestead Laundry and Kitchen supplies
Independent Energy Systems -Central Boiler outdoor wood pellet furnace
Leaf Guard – Rain water catchment systems
Living Colors – Art kits for making paint/pigments from nature
Mt Lion Distributing – composting toilets, Karat bars & more
Naturally Cozy/Privy Paper – Washable reusable feminine napkin products and incontinence pads; long term storage toilet paper
Off Grid Boot Camp – Online education about living off the grid
Outlaw Specialties – Survival and Tactical Gear and Apparel, Hand-dyed yarn, Spinning Wheels, Wise Storage Foods
Pak-Lite Gear – 9v LED flashlights and accessories
Plan Ahead for Health – Charcoal, Flax and Wrap for poultices; Health Books 
Renewal by Anderson – windows for your homestead retreat
Rescue Tape NorthWest – Rescue Tape (self-fusing silicone polymer tape)
RiseNThrive – Thrive Freeze Dried foods
Rocky Mountain Rocket Stoves – Rocket Stoves and accessories
Sagle Stove Shop – Wise Way non-electric Pellet Stove, Kuma Wood Stove, tools & accessories
SilverFire  Disaster and Recreation Stoves & Cookware
Stand Prepared, LLC – cookbooks, hand crafted soap & laundry detergent samples
Storm Pump – Well Hand Pump
Super Herbals – Supplements, Kitchen Wares, Books
Survival Retreat Consulting – Books and Resources about Survival Property and Real Estate
Sustainable Preparedness, LLC – Books and DVDs about the Sustainable lifestyle
Swring, Inc – Therapeutic “swing” for Autistic kids ($3/child for a ride)
Team Kautz – do Terra essential oils
The Mustard Seed – Health Products, Expert Advice
The Prepared Homestead – Permaculture Design and Homesteading Resources
Timberline Ranch Camps – The Survivalist Housing Solution
Tiny Wood Stoves – Tiny stoves for tiny places, even a wood cook stove!
Trayer Wilderness – Off Grid Living, Homesteading, Hand Made Items
You Can Survive – Books, CDs, DVDs about homesteading, preparedness, etc
Young Living – Essential Oils
419Systems – 
Survival Stores: The Prepper’s Assistant CD ROM
… more to come in the very near future!


DOOR PRIZES: (Over $1500.00 worth!!)

Rocky Mountain Rocket Stoves: Rocky – $160.00
Team Kautz: doTerra Essential Oils Introductory Kit and 1 hour Consultation $50.00
Amp-3: Outfitter $380.00
Rescue Tape NorthWest: 3 rolls Rescue Tape $25.00
Super Herbals: “God’s Healing Leaves” A user’s guide to Herbology – $9.95″
Handy Sharp/Ruseler’s Custom Creations: Sharp-N-Sharp sharpener w/ fire starter $20.00
Buying Off Grid: 2 DVD set with documentation on “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Purchasing country Property” as one DVD and “The Purchase Contract” as the other DVD.  – $30.00
Naturally Cozy: “PREPPER PACK” MENSTRUAL KIT: 18 pads $ 219.99 This kit is designed for the preparedness savvy; it comes vacuum sealed and ready for your long term storage or bugout bag. Kit contains 4 small pads, 4 medium pads, 3 large pads, 4 heavy panty liners and 3 light panty liners. We are one of the prize suppliers for the SurvivalBlog writing contest. 
From Privy Paper: Prepper Long Term Storage Toilet Paper: 6 Gallon bucket containing 4 rolls of 9 inch 1 Ply vacuum sealed long term storage toilet paper. “4 years of toilet paper for one person in this bucket!” – $114.95
The Prepared Homestead: 1 hour phone consultation regarding permaculture design and homesteading. $75.00
Plan Ahead for Health: Charcoal poultice kit – including activated charcoal (quart), ground flax seeds, and vet wrap. – $24.90; Activated charcoal (one gallon) – $39.95
Outlaw Specialties: a skein of hand dyed yarn $30.00
SilverFire: Solar Lantern $25.00
Grunberg Schloss, Inc: Silver Eagle coin $20.00
AZ Hybrid Light: Flashlight $39.95 retail
419Systems: “Survival Stores: The Prepper’s Assistant” $35.00
Homestead Hygiene: Mobile Washer $24.00
Pak-Lite Gear: one Pak-Lite Super Glow LED Flashlight $19.99
Homestead-Store: Handcrafted Pioneer Drying Rack – $130.00
The Mustard Seed: Allimed $80.00
Trayer Wilderness: Trayer Fire Tool $25.00
You Can Survive: “You Can Survive” book $20.00 (2), “Rainbow in the Flames” book $20.00, Toy log cabin model kit $20
BeeManiacs: Swarm catcher kit $40.00
Sustainable Preparedness: Off Grid Boot Camp Enrollment $300
Living Colors: A set of four Magic Wands – applicators for painting with flowers $29.95


Put it on your calendar: October 1, 2017

See you there!!