Vendor Contract

For the purposes of this contract, “Venue” shall refer to the entities owning and managing the property where each Expo is held. “Expo Management” shall refer to Sustainable Preparedness Expo and it’s officers, and Stand Prepared, LLC and its officers.  “Vendor” shall refer to the applicant applying on this contract.  “Decorator” shall refer to the company supplying pipe & drape and other decorations for the Expo.
Expo Management reserves the right to reject any application for any reason. Should your application be declined, payment will be returned/refunded to Vendor in full.

This Expo is a family friendly event. As such, Vendor agrees to not sell, distribute, or display anything deemed by Expo Management to be offensive or to publicly use language or practice behavior that is deemed offensive to this family friendly atmosphere. If such materials or products are displayed/distributed/sold, Management may require Vendor to remove such items from public view.  Vendor shall not be permitted to use a microphone or other amplification device without prior written consent from Expo Management.

Vendor agrees to abide by all applicable laws and regulations imposed by city, county, state, and federal government.

All signage shall be of a professional nature, shall not be taller than the drapery (8 feet on back and 3 feet on sides), shall be one-sided, and shall not face toward immediately adjacent booth behind or on side.

The sale or distribution of any food items intended for consumption on the premises is not allowed due to Venue concessionaire. Food items packed in a manner that is clearly not for consumption on the premises are allowed for sale, provided any applicable Health Department regulations are complied with.

Expo Management has arranged for wireless internet to be provided to all vendors requiring it, but this technical service is provided by the Venue, and while technology usually works well, it can and will malfunction at times.  Expo Management shall be held harmless for loss of business, damage to equipment, misuse, or any other liability to do with the use, misuse, or inoperability of the wireless internet connection. Any Vendors whose operation at the Expo is dependent on having access to a functional internet connection should be certain to have a backup (such as a wireless broadband card or smartphone that can be turned into a hotspot) on hand should such difficulties arise.

Should Vendor cancel this contract at least 30 days before the Expo date, vendor fees paid will be refunded in full and booth space shall be available for Management to re-rent to another party. Should Vendor cancel this contract less than 30 days before the Expo, no refund will be issued and booth space shall be available for Management to re-rent to another party.

Should this Expo be cancelled for any reason or be unable to take place due to strikes, natural disasters, civil unrest, or any other events, Expo Management shall be held harmless for the loss of any business, loss of profit, inconvenience, or other damages Vendor may incur.  Expo Management shall be entitled to all fees already collected from Vendors to cover costs already incurred by Expo Management (such as advertising, venue rental, etc).  If such fees more than cover expenses incurred by Expo Management, Expo Management shall proportionally distribute the remainder to Vendors who paid such fees.

Vendor move in time is from 6:00AM to 9:30AM on the day of the event. Please note that these times are subject to change. Confirmation of times and other details will be sent to vendors prior to the event. All booths must be set up by 9:30AM for Fire Marshall inspection (where applicable). Vendor move out time is from 6:00PM to 8:00PM on the day of the event. No tear-down may be performed until after doors close to the public.

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Expo Management and its officers, and Venues for any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, expenses, losses, or attorney fees arising from Exhibitor’s occupation and/or use of the exhibit area, and the common areas incidental thereto, such as entry ways, aisles, rest areas, parking lots, etc.

Vendor has the sole responsible for insuring its own exhibit, display, personnel, products, materials, equipment, and any other items from any damage or loss through theft, fire, flood, or any other cause, if such insurance is desired or needed.  Expo Management shall not be held responsible for any of these items or for any consequences due to Vendor’s lack of insurance.

Vendor shall not assign any rights or sublet space under this contract without the prior written consent of Expo Management.

Vendor agrees to be responsible for any and all damage done to the facility, the Venue’s property, Expo Management’s property, Decorator’s property, or any other Vendor’s or attendee’s property, or injury done to any persons at the Expo, by the Vendor, it’s owners, personnel, representatives, employees, other persons directly associated with Vendor, or equipment owned or operated by such persons at the Expo.

If you plan on doing anything unusual with booth decorations, please contact us ahead of time so we can avoid complications the day of the event. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact Expo Management before submitting application.



SPECIFICALLY FOR SPOKANE EXPO (Spokane County Fair and Expo Center – SCF&EC)
Vendor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, including sales tax. Exhibitors with booths lasting 10 days or less in the same location are exempt from City of Spokane Valley business registration. However, any vendor conducting or soliciting business is required to register with the Washington State Dept. of Revenue for a UBI number and collect sales tax. Very simple “Temporary Registration” is available if vendor conducts business in Washington at no more than two events per year and each event is less than one month in length. This registration is free. See note below for more details.*  Vendor agrees to supply Expo Management with its WA Dept. of Revenue UBI number at least two (2) weeks before the Expo begins.

*Any Vendor selling products or services must have a Washington State UBI number and collect sales tax. To register, call 800-647-7706 or visit If you do business at no more than two events per year in Washington and those events last no longer than one month, you may be eligible for the free and very simple Temporary Registration at:


Vendor agrees to comply with all Fire Marshall regulations.  If Vendor intends to do, possess, or display anything unusual or that might potentially be a fire hazard, Vendor agrees to contact Expo Management far in advance of the Expo to discuss whether this is permissible.

Fire Marshall Regulations from SCF&EC:




“(All Shows)

  1. Open Flames are not permitted anywhere, inside or outside; on the grounds- this includes cooking apparatus, and candles. Glass blowing with Fire Marshal approval only.
  2. Fire Alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, exit signs, emergency lighting, and electrical boxes are not to be obstructed from view or access of the public or staff.
  3. Obstructing exit/egress doorways of all types is prohibited. If the SCF&EC has concerns with your layout; SCF&EC will consult both the Spokane County Risk Management and the Spokane Valley Fire Department.
  4. Straw and bark are allowed in the buildings provided that straw/bark has been treated with a fire retardant. Please have proof of the chemical used.
  5. All cooking done inside of booths will be reviewed by the Fire Department. Tents will be of fire resistant materials with proof of such material. Clear areas around hot surfaces will be maintained at 36 inches from combustibles and the public.  All cooking will be done outdoors or on approved areas.
  6. Tents or elevated objects over 400 square feet are not allowed in the fire sprinklered buildings.  Tents will be of fire resistant materials.  Provide Certificate of Flame Resistance or proof of chemical used.
  7. Dutch oven cooking has to be authorized by the SCF&EC staff or Fire Department.
  8. Maintain 6ft. clear aisles between displays
  9. Utilization of propane tanks must be approved by the SCF&EC Staff.  Tanks shall be secured so that they will not be a falling hazard.  A spray bottle with soapy water will be made available for checking for leaks when changing. 
  10. Boats, RV’s, and vehicles (in fire sprinkled buildings) are not to exceed 200 square feet (except in Bay 3 and Ag A).  However, vehicles from 200 to 300 square feet may be permitted with a continuous firewatch.  Vehicles over 300 square feet are not allowed inside of buildings (except in Bay 3 and Ag A).  Semi-trucks are not allowed in building.  (example 8ft wide x 37.5 ft. long =300sqft)
  11. Vehicles that utilize stairs that extend into the pathways must maintain 6+ feet of clear with between units.  Stairs must not present tripping hazards (refer to diagram on back).
  12. Fuel tanks cannot be more that ¼ full.  All fuel tanks need to be locked and/or sealed in an approved manner to prevent the escape of fuel vapors.  Fueling and de-fueling is prohibited inside all buildings.
  13. All vehicles that are driven or pushed into the building for display will have the batteries disconnected with pans under them for acid and/or gas leaks.

Please keep in mind that the Spokane County Risk Management and the Spokane Valley Fire Department will be through to inspect your show prior to opening and they have the final say on layout and safety issues and concerns.

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center (509) 477-1766

Spokane Valley Fire Department (509) 928-1700

City of Spokane Valley Building Department (509) 720-5240

July 22, 2014″

If you agree to abide by the “Terms and Conditions” outlined in this contract, and wish to proceed to the Vendor Application, click here.

If you have any further questions please contact us.