Vendor Information

Get the most “bang for your buck” by investing in participating as a vendor at a Sustainable Preparedness Expo!

Every person attending is serious about what you have to offer.  They have chosen to place themselves in an environment that perfectly suits the purchase of products relevant to sustainable preparation.  These are motivated buyers!  You will be pleasantly surprised at your ROI from these Expos.


Here is what our vendors are saying about the Sustainable Preparedness Expo experience:


Since September 2013, we have been a vender at every Sustainable Preparedness Expo. My husband David, teaches classes and we have had great success in obtaining new customers for our company. Our sales at every show have exceeded our expectations.

This was our first 1-day show and we weren’t expecting much but I have to tell you, I love the 1-day show. Set up and take down in a day with over $10,000 in sales on average in a day. Wow! We can barely do this with our best 2 day shows.

The customers are thirsting for knowledge, exceptional products and valuable resources all under one roof. The promoters for this show don’t lie to you about numbers and are always open to suggestions on how to make their expo better.

When you think about Preparedness Expos what are you looking for? Customers who want your products and you can in return add them to your mailing list. How many trade shows have you done and been really disappointed? We have done several over the years but never once have we been disappointed with our sales and the quality like-minded Americans that attend this expo.

Don’t delay, sign up today to become part of an exceptional community of vendors and customers.

Beth and David Pruett;  Amp-3, LLC


Our experience with Sustainable Preparedness has been better than most other shows of your type because the organization is superior, communications is smooth and helpful, and the crowds are focused on our products with real buying questions which bring us good sales.

Our product, The Storm Pump, is not a cheap impulse buy.  The exposure we get at Sustainable Preparedness Expos has been very beneficial in the 4 years we have participated, and we have sold a significant number of pumps that we can directly attribute to your shows.

We recommend your Expos to other vendors and will be happy to answer any questions from them.

Thanks for your professional work!

Fred Houck; Storm Pump


I like Sustainable Preparedness Expos because they are focused on helping prepare people for future events. In doing this they offer more presentations than other Expos, normally 3 presentations at once, as well as hands-on classes. This brings to their Expos those who are interested in learning and buying, instead of a lot of lookers who just want to see what they can get for free. By having their Expos on Sundays only it places the attendees in a position to buy now instead of go home and see if the same or a similar item can be purchased from the web at a better price and if not, return the second day to purchase. Additionally, by holding expos without several vendors selling the same product and keeping the number of vendors to a size that allows the attendees to have time to visit every booth increases the amount of traffic per booth, and … can increase the sales for each vendor. I am very satisfied with Sustainable Preparedness Expos and plan to be a vendor at every future Sustainable Preparedness Expo possible.
John Brownlee, JD; Buying Off Grid

Dear Loren and Jennifer ,

       I don’t know where to start as far as thanking you for allowing us to be part of the Portland Preparedness Expo, so I will start at the beginning .  We found out about your event from Green Living  Journal. Having never done a show, I was very nervous at the thought of it.  Upon calling and talking with Jennifer about our concerns and worries, my wife and myself decided to go for it. I would like to thank you Jennifer for your patience and grace you showed me with my multiple calls leading up to the show. We also appreciate that you and Loren took time to stop in our shop and help guide us on what would do well at the show. Also the fact that when we ran out of promo flyers you had us more in a couple of days!
     The day of the show was nerve racking for me due to the fact we were having technical issues with our point of sales devices, but your daughter jumped in and straightened it all out for us, with time to spare! It was an exciting and profitable day for us. We sold in one day, what would take three months in our shop. It is just what we needed to help through the winter months.
      The environment was family friendly and I feel like the vendors looked at each other as a team. Everyone was friendly, quick to help and answer the many questions I had being as how I was a “newbie”. Lol
    …You have helped us greatly with our business  and we look forward  to  many years of working together  in the future.
      In His Grace,
             Ken and Kim
      Stockpile Survival Shop
Looking forward to another great show with you soon!
Ian at Gruner’s Sales


Want your business announced over the house PA system?  Donate an item to the door prize drawings. Each vendor that donates an item will have one door prize drawing time slot. Please indicate on your application what you would like to donate.

We want our vendors to do well at our Expos, so we have implemented guidelines for everyone’s best interest.  There will be no more than three vendors in any one specific category, ie: solar distributors, realtors, or essential oils; and no duplication of vendors with exact products (when it is a one product booth), ie: Do Terra, Thrive, Young Living, It Works!, etc.

Approval of vendors is at the sole discretion of the managers of the Expo (Loren & Jennifer Munson).  Preference is given to repeat vendors and those who apply early.  We strive for professionalism and respect in all our interactions with our vendors and attendees, and request you join us in that endeavor.


Vendor Fee Information

Each space includes:

10’x10′ pipe and drape area

Space identification sign

1 – 6′ table & 2 chairs

2 vendor passes (additional available at $5 each)


$375 EARLY Registration (more than 2 months before event)*
$450 Regular Registration (less than 2 months before event)*
            * = March 21 for Grants Pass, August 1 for Spokane


            * = April 21 for Grants Pass, September 1 for Spokane



$25 off each additional booth space (ie: 1st booth is full price, additional spaces $25 off)


$50 off total fees if you register for BOTH Expos

Can’t come in person?  Be there anyway!

Place an ad in the much sought-after Expo Program:

1/4 page (2.75″Wx4.25″H)  $75

1/2 page (5.5″Wx4.25″H)  $150

Full page (5.5″Wx8.5″H)   $300

Every person at the Expo refers to this Program multiple times throughout the day to find the seminar schedule, hands-on class and demonstration schedules, vendor layout and vendor contact information.  Most attendees take it home with them to refer back to later when they are looking for that company they remember seeing at the Expo.

Be there for them to find you!

Vendor Referral Program

Get $50 for each new registered vendor you refer to the Expo!

If you are a registered vendor, we will refund you $50 for each new vendor who signs up as a result of your referral!  Referring other vendors has 3 big benefits:

  1. It earns you money, potentially paying for your booth
  2. It makes the Expo even bigger and better, which means your experience at the Expo will be even better
  3. It’s EASY!

How To Refer?

Referring another vendor is EASY!  Simply:

  • Look up potential vendors with products or services that fit in with the Expo
  • Call AND email them information about the Expo (
  • Tell them you and many others will be there and they can’t afford to miss it
  • Be sure to have them enter your name in the “Referral” section of the vendor application.

-To take advantage of this offer, you must first be a payed and registered vendor.
-The referred vendor must be a new vendor (never exhibited at Sustainable Preparedness Expos before).
-Total referral credits may not exceed the amount you payed us for booths.
-To receive your referral refund, the referred vendor must name you on their application (in the “Referral” section), register, pay their booth fee, and be a vendor at one Expo.
-The refund may only be claimed one time per referred vendor (i.e. if referred vendor signs up for more than one Expo, only one credit may be claimed).
-The refund may only be claimed by the referrer entered on application (so make sure your referral enters your name or company name).
-If referred vendor cancels their registration before the deadline and receives a full refund, you will not receive your referral refund.
-The refund can either be applied to your vendor fee, or sent to you as a check after the Expo.


Who Should Be A Vendor?

Sustainable Preparedness Expos attract a diverse group of attendees.  Below is a list that should give you an idea of what types of booths could do best at our Expos.

  • Communications
    • GPS Equipment
    • Handheld Radios
    • Shortwave Radios
    • Ham Radios
    • NOAA Alerts
  • Energy/Fuels
    • Efficient Homes
    • Sustainable Architecture & Construction
    • Alternative Power
    • Wind Power
    • Solar Power
    • Hydroelectric Power
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Green Energy
    • Renewable Energy
    • Fuel Powered Generators
    • Power Equipment
    • Wood Stoves
    • Boilers
    • Efficient Vehicles
    • Bug Out Vehicles
  • Emergency Kits & Survival Kits
    • Home Kits
    • Car Kits
    • Bug-Out Bags
    • Medical Kits
  • Equipment
    • Off-Road & All-Terrain Vehicles
    • Tractors
    • Farm Equipment
    • Chainsaws
    • Log Splitters
    • Portable Sawmills
    • Knives
  • Food
    • Food Preparation
    • Food Preservation
    • Kitchen Supplies
    • Reusable Canning Lids
    • Food Storage
    • Farm-to-Table Produce
    • Solar Ovens
    • Pickling Supplies
    • Dehydrators & Supplies
    • Wheat Grinders
    • Water Purification / Water Filters
    • Water Collection
    • Wild Edibles
  • Animals
    • Dog Training
    • Sheep
    • Llamas & Alpacas
  • Gardening & Farming
    • Heirloom Plants
    • Seed Exchange
    • Garden Tools
    • Irrigation
    • Agriculture Training
    • Homesteading skills
  • Education
    • Homeschooling
    • Farm Education
    • Survival Schools
    • Tactical Training
    • Medical Training
  • Medical
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Midwife & Doula
    • Emergency Healthcare
    • Homeopathic Medicine
    • First Aid & CPR
    • Medical Training
    • Herbs & Herbal Training
    • Medical Kits
    • Essential Oils
    • Herbalists
  • Outdoor Activities
    • Backpacking Equipment
    • Camping Equipment
    • Fishing Equipment
    • Hiking Equipment
    • Hunting Equipment
  • Outdoor Clothing
    • Gardening Togs
    • Military Surplus
    • Camouflage
    • Rain Shells
  • Personal Finance
    • Debt-Free Living
    • Investments
    • Precious Metals
  • Survival Equipment
    • Backpacking/Outdoor
    • Safe Rooms/Shelters
    • Builders & Manufacturers
    • Knives
  • Crafts
    • Soap Making
    • Herbal Tinctures
    • Spinning & Weaving
    • Sewing & Quilting


  • Alcohol & related items (other than medicinal, such as alcohol in tincture)
  • Tobacco & related items
  • Explosives and firearms
  • Any controlled substance
  • Pornographic or other inappropriate content
  • Any illegal items
  • This is not a complete list. If you have any doubts about whether your product(s) would be allowed, please contact us before registering.


Please read the Vendor Contract before proceeding to the Application.


CALL US if you have questions:  (208)920-0088, ask for Jennifer